I often wonder what it is about wishing a “happy holiday” that seems to be so offensive to some Christians. It is true that when I was growing up, this time of year was associated with the most famous Christian holiday of all, Christmas; well, so it seemed to me but the reality is that I was always in locations where there was a predominance of the christian faith.  I like to believe that my view of the world has widened since childhood…  People of my generation are certainly more accustomed to hearing the cheerful “Merry Christmas” and they wish it to all as it has become, for many, an end of the year “mantra”; that’s fine, as long as we remember that the world is made of an interesting array of colors, shapes and sizes and we all have our share in it.  Noel/Christmas/Navidad is after all the celebration of the most miraculous birth of all, God who humbled Himself enough to walk among mortals for the salvation of their sins.  It is a wonderful feast and a day for rejoicing because it symbolizes the gift of life and love…nothing can top that if you are a Christian.  Therefore it will always be right to wish to Christians the world over a very Merry Christmas!

Other religions  have holidays which are equally important to them and to which they dedicate a special period of the year and their celebration, if they don’t include a manger or a tree, must certainly have their own endearing rituals. To the rest of the world therefore we must wish a Happy Holiday!

It seems to be a need we humans have to want to dedicate a day (or two, or three) to bow before what we know to be greater than ourselves.  There is nothing wrong with that and if faith brings us nothing, it certainly affords us the opportunity for humility…we could all use a healthy dose of that.

Happy Holiday!  Simply put (at least for me) it means that whatever you are celebrating this time of year I wish it to be happy.  Whether you are Jewish or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, Atheist or Agnostic, Spiritual or “still searching” you are a member of my race (the human race) and an adept of my faith (Love).  To all of us who are part of this ever so large family I wish Love of self and of others, Peace on earth and in our hearts, Wealth and Abundance to be enjoyed by all and Serenity of mind, body and soul.

The end of the year gives a chance for a new beginning, a possibility for renewal and the time to mend and fix and hope while looking to the future.  Jews celebrate the Rededication while Christians look to an innocent baby boy for Salvation and Redemption.  Take the time this Holiday season to appreciate the Universe and the Creator, be grateful for what you have, seize the moment and hold it close to your heart as if it were your last…Live not a life of details but one of true meaning and pursue your purpose until your last breath.

Those are my wishes for this time and for the year to come.


Cassandra Honorat

December 24, 2011


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